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As the topic of today's challenge is one of my favourite colours, I've prepared some blue idioms for you to revise:

once in the blue moon - niezmiernie rzadko
Since our child was born, we have gone to parties once in a blue moon.
to say something out of the blue - powiedzieć coś ni z tego, ni z owego
She has always had balanced arguments so we were all surprised when she said it out of the blue.

to vanish into the blue - zniknąć bez śladu
I have been looking for my ring all morning but it seems to have vanished into the blue.
the air was blue! - była wielka pyskówka
It was supposed to be a nice women's meeting but at the and the air was blue!
to throw a blue fit - wpaść w szał
When he saw his car crashed, he threw a blue fit.
to talk a blue streak - trzepać językiem
She is a very nice woman but talks a blue streak all the time.
to blue one's money on something - przepuścić wszystkie pienądze na coś
When I got my first salary, I blued my money on clothes.
to have the blues - mieć chandrę
When the weather is gloomy, I often have the blues.

dress - H&M %
heels - Zara %
bag - Mango %
scarf - Zara

poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2018


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Are you a city dweller and like the hustle and bustle of city life? Or maybe you like the peace and quiet of the suburbs and take things easy? These days we are in a hurry all the time, we chase our dreams, passions, careers... We often bustle in and out to eat breakfast with friends in a trendy cafe, to go jogging, to have a city break somewhere in Europe, to do shopping, to take a selfie and post it on Instagram, etc. Probably the last activity takes more of our time than we would like and expect. I do my best not to act in haste and make hasty decisions. Rush makes a poor adviser as they say. However, I have a confession to make - I do sometimes follow the crowd temped by a fad. I am comforted by the thought that I am old enough to get a grasp of reality and slow down, switch off the phone (or rather mute it), shut the laptop and stay offline. But then... a football match is about to start! Sorry, I must dash...

what's the rush - po co ten pośpiech 
the hustle and bustle of city life - zgiełk i zamęt miejskiego życia
take things easy - być spokojnym, nie martwić się
be in a hurry - śpieszyć się
chase - gonić za
bustle in and out - wpadać i wypadać
act in haste - działać w pośpiechu
make hasty decisions - podejmowoć pochopne decyzje
rush makes a poor adviser - pośpiech jest złym doradcą
I have a confession to make - muszę coś wyznać
follow the crowd - podążać za tłumem
fad - chwilowa moda
be comforted by the thought that - pocieszać się myślą, że
get a grasp of - rozumieć coś
I must dash - muszę lecieć

jacket - Stradivarius (old)
dress / bag / scarf - Zara
belt / earrings - Mango
heels - H&M %