środa, 23 maja 2018


We've all heard about the greenhouse effect, global warming, deforestation, climate change, endangered species, air pollution, melting of glaciers, wasting of natural resources and other environmental disasters. It doesn't matter if you are red or black - we all should definitely be GREEN. 

What do you do to protect the environment? Let's hope you are not one of those people who claim that individuals cannot make a difference and minimise their impact on the environment. I believe everyone can... sort rubbish into four containers, not leave the water running when it's not necessary, turn off the light when you leave a room, avoid buying unnecessary things, use a recyclabe bag while doing shopping, cycle or use public transport whenever possible. And last but not least, make an effort to consume less. This is probably the most difficult. On one hand, an undemanding attitude to life has been promoted. On the other hand, we are attacted by aggressive advertisements, pop-ups and hoardings

I wish you only "green" choices and may the "green" force be with you.  

deforestation - wycinanie lasów
endangered species - zagrożone gatunki
melting of glaciers - topnienie lodowców
wasting of natural resources - marnowanie surowców naturalnych
protect the environment - chronić środowisko
make a difference - zmienić coś
minimise one's impact on the environment - zminimalizować swój wpływ na środowisko
sort rubbish - segregować odpady
avoid buying unnecessary things - unikać kupowania niepotrzebnych rzeczy
use public transport - korzystać z transportu publicznego
consume less - zużywać (czegoś) mniej
an undemanding attitude to life - minimalizm
pop-up - reklamy pojawiające się podczas przeglądania stron internetowych
hoarding - billboard

dress and bag - Mango
shoes - Mint&Berry 
necklace - Mango (old) 

poniedziałek, 14 maja 2018


There are many verbs which can be used to describe the way we look at somebody or something. We can catch a glimpse of, have a glance or cast a glance of somebody and all these phrases mean to have a quick look. Not to mention love at first glance. For instance, I caught a glimpse of my friend Tom among the crowd at the party. And of course I always have a glance at the shop window whenever I pass a shoe shop. What is more, I take or have a peek at my favourite blogs regularly. 
I remember my teacher glaring at me when I talked a bit too much with my classmate. You can have or take a peep at my new posts once a week (more or less). And when I go out with my little son, I fix my parental gaze on him so that he can spend time safely.
catch a glimpse of - ujrzeć przelotnie
have a glance - rzucić okiem
cast a glance of - rzucić okiem
love at first glance - miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia
take / have a peek at - zerknąć
glare at - spiorunować wzrokiem
have / take a peep at - zerknąć na
gaze - wpatrywać się

dress - Mango
bag - Mango % (old)
heels / scarf - Zara
pearls - Apart (old)