czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2018


Are you old enough to remember Dynasty or Niewolnica Isaura? Well, it started then - soap opera fanaticism. Let's face it, some people are totally hooked on them and believe they have cliffhanger endings, compulsive acting and topical storylines. It seems women tend to enjoy them more than men but I'm convinced that quite a few men watch them too. Others claim that soaps are a complete waste of time (but watch them anyway). I suppose it's an easy way to switch off and chill out for a while. 
Bold and beautiful (Moda na sukces), Zbuntowany anioł, M jak miłość - Brazilian, American, Venezuelan, Polish and finally Turkish - it doesn't matter. It's compulsive vewing. Who cares the plot is far-fetched, hackneyed and how on earth so many terrible things can happen under one roof? If you ask me they are a load of rubbish and I've definitely got better things to do than waste time watching soaps. 
be hooked on - być uzależnionym od
cliffhanger - trzymający w napięciu
compulsive acting - fascynująca gra aktorska
topical - dotyczący aktualnych problemów
compulsive viewing - nie można się od tego oderwać
plot - fabuła
far-fetched - naciągany
hackneyed - oklepany
a load of rubbish - stek bzdur

shirt and shoes - Zara (%)
linen trousers - Mango
bag - Zara (old)

czwartek, 19 kwietnia 2018


We've had such changeable weather for a while that it is difficult to predict even by forecasters. Most of us follow the weather forecast on TV only to find out that it is totally different from what has been predicted. So we dress in layers in the morning in order to carry all the unnecessary clothes in the afternoon, even though we heard a day before...
It'll be sunny and dry with clear skies and shineshine for most of the day. 
There'll be a light breeze.
It will feel warm with temperatures reaching 23 degrees.
The rest of the day will be sunny, mostly dry, with a few isolated showers.
You can really feel the spring coming.
The weather forecast says it'll clear up later. 
We may expect thunder and lightening in the evening.
A typically foggy late summer morning but the fog should soon clear away. 
It will be windy and towards the evening the wind will bring some heavy clouds. 
Temperatures up to 25 degrees.
It'll be a cloudy day with a lot of rain.
There will be a light mist in the morning but it soon lifts up and it will be sunny and warm.
It will be blowing a gale.
There will be a nasty thin drizzle. However, the drizzle can become a downpour
predict - przewidywać 
weather forecast - prognoza pogody
clear skies - bezchmurne niebo
sunshine - słońce / piękna pogoda
breeze - wiaterek
showers - przelotne deszcze
clear up - rozpogodzić się
thunder and lightening - burza z piorunami
foggy - mglisto
windy - wietrznie
cloudy - pochmurno
light mist - lekka mgiełka
gale - wichura
thin drizzle - rzadka mżawka
downpour - ulewa

coat - H&M (old)
t-shirt / jeans / shoes - Mango
bag - Zara
chain - Mango

wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2018


Why do we say take photographs if take doesn't even mean robić? The answer is collocations, i.e. fixed phrases. There are loads of them in the English language and they should be learnt by heart, just like other vocabulary preferably in a context. So, do your share and revise some collocations with make and do...
do somebody a favour - wyświadczyć komus przysługę
do your share - robić to, co do nas należy
do homework - odrabiać zadanie domowe
do the shopping - robić zakupy
do a project - robić projekt
do a task / an activity - wykonywać zadanie
do one's best - bardzo się starać
do well - dobrze sobie radzić
do without sb / sth - obyć się bez kogoś/czegoś
make up one's mind - zdecydować się
make a good impression - zrobić dobre wrażenie
make progress - robić postępy
make mistakes - popełniać błędy
make friends - zaprzyjaźnić się
make sb do sth - kazać komuś coś zrobić

trench coat - Zara (old)
linen blouse / bag / necklace - Zara 
trousers - Stradivarius (old)
 shoes - Mango