sobota, 31 marca 2018


Everybody would like to find a place of their own. Renting a flat is very popular but quite an expensive solution. Who can afford to pay a high rent and other bills (e.g. electricity and telephone bills) on their own? What's more, the more conveniently located the flat is, the higher the rent. You can choose from apartments in the city centre or in the suburbs and if you don't mind commuting, the second option is just for you. However, if you are a city dweller and like to have all the facilities available within walking distance, go for the city centre. 

Sharing a flat is very popular especially among students and singles as they split the costs. First, you need to find a right flatmate; it isn't easy as a man is a creature of habit. In addition, you never know what this person is like. I remember sharing a room in a dormitory (luckily it was only one weekend) with a really nice girl who studied rahabilitation. At the very end of our stay, she turned out to steal some money from me and vanished. Well, that's life... Then, you need to set the flat rules, e.g. household chores schedule, partying and smoking policies, light-out period. Finally, you can move in with all your stuff which need to be kept somewhere. So you start to furnish your flat (or just a piece of it) and there a new story begins...
find a place of my own - znaleźć swój kąt
rent a flat - wynajmować mieszkanie (od kogoś)
can afford to - móc sobie pozwolić na coś
pay the rent - płacić czynsz
conveniently located - dogodnie położone
in the city centre - w centrum miasta
in the suburbs - na przedmieściach
commute - dojeżdżać do pracy 
a city dweller - mieszkaniec miasta
facilities - udogodnienia

within walking distance - w bliskiej odległości
go for - wybierać 
share a flat - dzielić z kimś mieszkanie
split the costs - dzielić się kosztami
man is a creature of habit - przyzwyczajenie jest drugą natura człowieka
dormitory - akademik
rehabilitation - resocjalizacja 
set the flat rules - ustalić zasady panujące w mieszkaniu
move in - wprowadzać się
furnish - umeblować / urządzać

blazer - Mango %
blouse - Mango
jeans - Mango % (old)
shoes - H&M %
bag - Zara

sobota, 17 marca 2018


What would you say if I told you that a wonder medicine really exists? What is more, it is freely available to all of us. You don't need a prescription from a GP - it's up to you how much and how often you take it. Its benefits seem to be countless - it protects us from various diseases, e.g. heart attacks, obesity, depression; it helps to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation. It even improves memory as our brain becomes more oxygenated. What's the best about doing PHYSICAL EXERCISE? You don't need to bleed yourself dry to see the results. It can be anything from a brisk walk, gardening to taking steps instead of a lift. It's also the cheapest drug I've ever heard of - you don't need any special equipment or expensive gear. So stop making excuses that you can't afford it. Get up and move!
available - dostępny
prescription - recepta
it's up to you - to zależy od ciebie
protect from - chronić przed
obesity - otyłość
reduce blood pressure - obniżać ciśnienie krwi
improve circulation - poprawiać krążenie
bleed yourself dry - wyciskać siódme poty
a brisk walk - szybki spacer
gear - sprzęt, ubranie
make an excuse - znaleźć preteks
can't afford to - nie stać mnie na coś
coat - Zara %
bag - Zara (old)
T-shirt / skirt - Mango %
boots - DeeZee (old)
woolen scarf - Bytom

środa, 7 marca 2018

AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY they say. What do you usually do when you feel you are coming down with flu? Do you take any medication, get enough sleep and rest a little more than usual? Or maybe you just take a sick leave and stay in? Autumn and pseudo winter in our country are definitely infectious seasons. It is difficult to avoid picking up infections at work or in other public places. And how is it possible that, even though I've been living in the countryside all my life, I have become allergic to nobody knows what (I was diagnosed allergy-based runny nose). The GP said there was nothing to worry about and I would make a full recovery. She prescribed the right treatment but didn't refer me to a specialist. Although I seemed to be recovering, I suddenly took turn for the worse
I felt a bit under the weather and ended up longing for a holiday to recharge my batteries
come down with - zachorować na
take medication - zażywać lekarstwa
get enough sleep - wysypiać się
take a sick leave - brać zwolnienie lekarskie
stay in - zostać w domu
infectious - zakaźny
pick up infections - złapać infekcje
be allergic to - mieć alergię na
worry about - martwić się o
make a full recovery - w pełni wrócić do zdrowia
prescribe treatment - zalecić kurację
refer sb to a specialist - skierować do specjalisty
take turn for the worse - pogorszyć się
feel under the weather - czuć się źle
recharge my batteries - naładować akumulatory

coat - Zara %
dress - H&M %
boots - H&M %
woolen scarf - Bytom (Allegro)
bag - Mango %