niedziela, 21 stycznia 2018


Ready, steady, go! It finally started - the sales! Most of us have been looking forward to it for so long. We have been planning to go on a shopping spree and blow it all. Thanks to the development of new technologies lots of people do their shopping online. I agree it is more comfortable, saves time and unnecessary stress connected with standing in queues (or lines). However, a real craze takes place on the spot - in shops. Crowds, long queues to changing rooms and cash desks, clothes scattered around. I'm too old for that (that's why I mostly buy online). If you are a real bargain hunter, you can get a good deal and get a good value for money. The graetest advantage is that if you change your mind, you can take back the haul and get a refund. Just remember to keep the receipt. Enjoy your shopping!
look forward to - czekać na coś z niecierpliwością 
go on a shopping spree - iść zaszaleć w sklepach
blow - przepuścić pieniądze
do shopping online - robić zakupy przez internet
stand in a queue - stać w kolejce
a cash desk - kasa
bargain hunter - amator okazyjnych zakupów
get a good deal - zrobić dobry interes
get a good value for money - dostać towar wart swej ceny
change your mind - zmienić zdanie
take back - oddać (towar do sklepu)
haul - łup, zdobycz
get a refund - otrzymać zwrot pieniędzy
keep a receipt - zatrzymać paragon

coat / blouse % - Zara
trousers - Erdem H&M
bag - Mango
shoes - Stradivarius %

czwartek, 11 stycznia 2018


It is said that stress is one of the lifestyle diseases and we should avoid stressful situations. Well, easier said than done. As for me, I struggle through the stresses and strains of modern life and convince myself to take things easy. It seems to work out but... why have I woken up in the middle of the night recently and have been thinking about the project I've been working on (that's why I don't have time to post an entry on my blog!)? During a day I appear to be as cool as a cucumber and don't give a damn. When I'm about to meet the deadline, things are getting hot for me and I'm all tensed up. I talk to myself - Marta, easy! You're just gonna have to let this go
So I've decided to unwind and write the new post. It's time to be in a mellow mood
lifestyle diseases - choroby cywilizacyjne
to avoid stressful situations - unikać sytuacji stresujących
to struggle through sth - dawać sobie jakoś radę z (czymś)
the stresses and strains of modern life - stresy życia codziennego
take things easy - nie przemęczać się
to be as cool as a cucumber - zachowywać stoicki spokój
not to give a damn - gwizdać na wszystko
things are getting hot for me - pali mi się grunt pod nogami
I'm all tensed up - cała jestem spięta
easy - wyluzuj
You're just gonna have to let this go - musisz odpuścić
unwind - odprężyć się, rozluźnić się
to be in a mellow mood - być odprężonym
 coat / bag - Zara
blouse (old collection) / boots - Mango
skirt - H&M %
sweater - Erdem H&M