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As the topic of today's challenge is one of my favourite colours, I've prepared some blue idioms for you to revise:

once in the blue moon - niezmiernie rzadko
Since our child was born, we have gone to parties once in a blue moon.
to say something out of the blue - powiedzieć coś ni z tego, ni z owego
She has always had balanced arguments so we were all surprised when she said it out of the blue.

to vanish into the blue - zniknąć bez śladu
I have been looking for my ring all morning but it seems to have vanished into the blue.
the air was blue! - była wielka pyskówka
It was supposed to be a nice women's meeting but at the and the air was blue!
to throw a blue fit - wpaść w szał
When he saw his car crashed, he threw a blue fit.
to talk a blue streak - trzepać językiem
She is a very nice woman but talks a blue streak all the time.
to blue one's money on something - przepuścić wszystkie pienądze na coś
When I got my first salary, I blued my money on clothes.
to have the blues - mieć chandrę
When the weather is gloomy, I often have the blues.

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Are you a city dweller and like the hustle and bustle of city life? Or maybe you like the peace and quiet of the suburbs and take things easy? These days we are in a hurry all the time, we chase our dreams, passions, careers... We often bustle in and out to eat breakfast with friends in a trendy cafe, to go jogging, to have a city break somewhere in Europe, to do shopping, to take a selfie and post it on Instagram, etc. Probably the last activity takes more of our time than we would like and expect. I do my best not to act in haste and make hasty decisions. Rush makes a poor adviser as they say. However, I have a confession to make - I do sometimes follow the crowd temped by a fad. I am comforted by the thought that I am old enough to get a grasp of reality and slow down, switch off the phone (or rather mute it), shut the laptop and stay offline. But then... a football match is about to start! Sorry, I must dash...

what's the rush - po co ten pośpiech 
the hustle and bustle of city life - zgiełk i zamęt miejskiego życia
take things easy - być spokojnym, nie martwić się
be in a hurry - śpieszyć się
chase - gonić za
bustle in and out - wpadać i wypadać
act in haste - działać w pośpiechu
make hasty decisions - podejmowoć pochopne decyzje
rush makes a poor adviser - pośpiech jest złym doradcą
I have a confession to make - muszę coś wyznać
follow the crowd - podążać za tłumem
fad - chwilowa moda
be comforted by the thought that - pocieszać się myślą, że
get a grasp of - rozumieć coś
I must dash - muszę lecieć

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Do you know how much you know and don't know? And the most important - do you know how to say it? Let's make sure you know...

I know what's what - wiem co w trawie piszczy.
I'm pretty sure - jestem całkiem pewien.
I know it like the back of my hand - znam coś jak swoje 5 palców.
I know it by heart - znam to na pamięć.
I know it inside out - znam to na wylot.
I'm fairly positive - jestem całkiem pewien.
I'm certain it is - jestem absolutnie pewien.

I haven't a clue - nie mam pojęcia.
I don't know off the top of my head - tak bez zastanowienia to nie wiem.
I've never heard of him - nigdy o nim nie słyszałem.
I don't know offhand - tak na poczekaniu to nie wiem.
I know next to nothing (about) ... - wiem tyle co każdy o ... 
I haven't the faintest idea - nie mam bladego pojęcia.
 Total English advanced , Pearson

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Dziki Ogród / Wild Garden

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What's your favourite season of the year? I definitely love the spring when the first flowers, like snowdrops and crocuses come out. The nature comes to life and all the trees, plants and flowers start to blossom out. It gets warmer and warmer and I can finally shed heavy winter clothes.

The summer is eagerly awaited by those who love scorching weather (not to mention all the pupils, students and teachers). When I walk through a forest, I can see enormous oaks and birches, various bushes and plants, like a daisy or forget-me-not.

The autumn is so colourful when leaves turn yellow, red and brown. I can walk enjoying the Indian summer and pick up chestnuts on my way home.

When it comes to the winter... freezing weather, icy roads an pavements, snow-covered cars which need to be cleared. On the other hand, pines and spruces remain green covered in snow, magic Christmas time, children ski and sledge, make a snowman...

Well, I can't decide. Each season of the year has so much to offer.
snowdrop - przebiśnieg
crocus - krokus
come to life - budzić się do życia
blossom out - rozkwitać
shed - zrzucać (np. ubrania)
scorching - upalnie
oak - dąb
birch - brzoza
bush - krzak, krzew
daisy - stokrotka
forget-me-not - niezapominajka
Indian summer - babie lato
chestnut - kasztan
freezing - mroźno
icy - oblodzone
pine - sosna
spruce - świerk

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There is a saying in English: Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone. Is that true that we are usually taken with cheerful and optimistic people, not gloomy and miserable ones? It all depends on our character but I believe it is mostly true. Let's focus today on the second part of the saying...
weep - płakać, szlochać
weep for sb - opłakiwać kogoś (dead person)
weep with joy / rage - płakać z radości / wściekłości

sob - szlochać, łkać
Foregive me! he sobbed.
sob one's heart out - wypłakiwać sobie oczy 

cry - wykrzykiwać (=shout); płakać (=weep)
Look out! he cried.
cry for joy - płakać z radości
cry bitter tears - gorzko płakać
cry for the moon - pragnąć gwiazdki z nieba 

wail - płacz, zawodzenie; zawodzić
We could hear the wail of children in our neighbour's house.
Oh no! he wailed. 

howl - wyć, ryczeć
howl with rage / pain - zawyć z wściekłości / bólu
howl with laughter - ryczeć ze śmiechu 

whimper - kwilić
The baby was whimpering in the cradle.  

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Piasek pustyni / Sand of a Desert

#phenomenalus #phenomenaluschallenge 
#phenomenaluspiasekpustyni #phenomenalussandofadesert
Better late than never, as they say. I've finally faced the challenge of the PHENOMENAL US group. I hope it won't be a one-time post with the group and I will be able to meet the challenge more often. Taking advantage of the situation, I've decided to prepare a short revision of phenomenal and challenging phrases. Off you go...

phenomenon (l.poj)- zjawisko, fenomen
Hating other people on the internet is a strange and inexplicable phenomenon to me. 

phenomena - (l.mn.)
Tornadoes are widespread phonomena in the USA.
phenomenal - wyjątkowy, niezwykły
It is said that this plant has phenomenal healing powers. 

take up a challenge - podjąć wyzwanie
We took up a challenge to write a new project.

meet / face the challenge - sprostać wyzwaniu

present a challenge - stanowić wyzwanie
Bringing up a child presents a great challenge nowadays. 

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środa, 23 maja 2018


We've all heard about the greenhouse effect, global warming, deforestation, climate change, endangered species, air pollution, melting of glaciers, wasting of natural resources and other environmental disasters. It doesn't matter if you are red or black - we all should definitely be GREEN. 

What do you do to protect the environment? Let's hope you are not one of those people who claim that individuals cannot make a difference and minimise their impact on the environment. I believe everyone can... sort rubbish into four containers, not leave the water running when it's not necessary, turn off the light when you leave a room, avoid buying unnecessary things, use a recyclabe bag while doing shopping, cycle or use public transport whenever possible. And last but not least, make an effort to consume less. This is probably the most difficult. On one hand, an undemanding attitude to life has been promoted. On the other hand, we are attacted by aggressive advertisements, pop-ups and hoardings

I wish you only "green" choices and may the "green" force be with you.  

deforestation - wycinanie lasów
endangered species - zagrożone gatunki
melting of glaciers - topnienie lodowców
wasting of natural resources - marnowanie surowców naturalnych
protect the environment - chronić środowisko
make a difference - zmienić coś
minimise one's impact on the environment - zminimalizować swój wpływ na środowisko
sort rubbish - segregować odpady
avoid buying unnecessary things - unikać kupowania niepotrzebnych rzeczy
use public transport - korzystać z transportu publicznego
consume less - zużywać (czegoś) mniej
an undemanding attitude to life - minimalizm
pop-up - reklamy pojawiające się podczas przeglądania stron internetowych
hoarding - billboard

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