środa, 12 kwietnia 2017

Phrasal verbs

There are lots of phrasal verbs in the English language. Some of them sound natural: you get up and get dressed, then you get ready for work. Others, on the other hand, can be quite confusing. Do you meet someone or meet with someone or maybe meet up with someone. Yeah, it's tricky!

bomber jacket / shoes / blouse - Zara
trousers / belt / bag - Mango 
choker - H&M
I found an ideal person who can explain the difference between the last three phrasal verbs to you. Listen intently - her accent is gorgeous! Enjoy :-)
get up - wstawać
get dressed - ubierać się
get ready for - przygotowywać się do
on the other hand - z drugiej strony
confusing - zagmatwany
difference - różnica
listen intently - słuchać uważnie
gorgeous - cudowny

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  1. Paskowy trend tego sezonu jest moim ulubionym :))) Twoja stylizacja jest idealna :)))

    Phrasal verbs sa moja zmora :(((