czwartek, 16 marca 2017

Third time lucky

... as they say.  So here I am. I hope I'll stay longer than last time. It's quite difficult to focus on yourself when you have so much to deal with. Oh, maybe I'm just making excuses for not being better organized. Anyway, here I am...

coat - Zara (%)
shirt - H&M
jeans - Reserved 
boots - H&M (%)
cap - H&M (%)
bag - Mango 
belt - Zara

I wouldn't like to play the smart guy but let me share with you something I'm quite good at – some English. Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day – the patron saint of Ireland. There's gonna be a variety of festivals across the globe celebrating Irish culture with parades, special foods, music and a green colour. 

third time lucky - do trzech razy sztuka
focus on sth - skupiać się na
have so much to deal with - mieć dużo na głowie
make an excuse - znaleźć wymówkę
play the smart guy - wymądrzać się
share with - dzielić (coś) z (kimś)
be good at - być dobrym w (czymś)
variety - różnorodność
celebrate - świętować

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