niedziela, 26 marca 2017

IT Crowd

Listening is the best way of learning the English language. Why don't you listen to any English channel while doing housework, for example? Even if you don't understand much or think it is too fast for you, you get a chance to immerse in the language and familiarize yourself with pronunciation. Don't give up too soon and after a month you'll see it works.
way - sposób
listen to - słuchać
do housework - wykonywać prace domowe
get a chance - mieć okazję
immerse in - zanurzyć się w (coś)
familiarize oneself with - zaznajomić się z
pronunciation - wymowa
give up - poddawać się
work - działać, udać się
be familiar with - znać coś
episode - odcinek

coat - H&M
dress - Zara
bag - Orsay
shoes - Wojas
scarf - Mango

Are you familiar with the IT Crowd? It's a British sitcom by Channel 4. This is the first episode of the first series. Hope you enjoy it. 

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