środa, 22 marca 2017

Build up your vocabulary effectively

How do you improve your vocabulary and learn new words?
Learning by heart can be a little bit boring and tiresome (as most students claim). However, you can use various ways to make it easier and more pleasant. 
First, do not learn single words but write out some example sentences with the word or phrase you want to remember so that you have it in context (e.g. fancy - "Do you fancy going to the cinema on Saturday?").
Second, try to associate the words or phrases with particular situations from your life or other words (e.g. white - milk, milk - cow).
Third, write out synonyms and antonyms for the word (e.g. patient - impatient).
What is more, there are loads of collocations which are used in everyday language (e.g. do the shopping; take photos; make mistakes).
And last but not least, try to read and listen to the royal English as much as time allows.
Good luck!
coat and blouse - Mango
jeans - Promod
blazer, belt and boots - Zara
hat - H&M
bag - Orsay

learn by heart - uczyć się na pamięć
tiresome - męczące, nużące
associate with- skojarzyć z
fancy - mieć ochotę na
what is more - co więcej
last but not least - ostatni (punkt), ale nie mniej ważny
as time allows - na ile czas pozwoli

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  1. Twoje stylizacje są bardzo urokliwe, takie angielskie w klimacie, grzeczne
    ale każda ma coś w sobie :) Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)