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Balanced diet is the best way to be healthy, as they say. But what does it mean? Let's have a look at a health pyramid which has evolved a lot since its prototype. So-called health experts and dieticians do their best and make sure we lead happy, healthy and slim lives. That's why, they suggest that we do some sports, it can be anything - walking or cycling to work instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of a lift, etc. It isn't necessary to take up a sport which can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Everyday simple activities will do
We should eat 4-5 regular meals a day. Vegetables and friut should be the basics of our diet. Next, wholegrain products, such as bread, pasta and brown rice. Dairy products - if you don't like milk, it can be substituted for natural yoghurt or kefir. Red meat is said to be overrated and it shouldn't be eaten in excess. Instead, we should eat legumes, fish, eggs and lean meat. When it comes o fats, we should opt for plant oils, like olive oil or rapeseed oil. Last but not least, sweets (which can be substituted for fruit) and salt (substituted for herbs) are bad, bad, bad... and should be eliminated. 

a little something - małe co nieco
balanced diet - zrównoważona dieta
dieticians - dietetycy
be healthy - być zdrowym
do sports - uprawiać sporty
take up a sport - zacząć uprawiać jakiś sport
instead of - zamiast
time-consuming - czasochłonny
do - wystarczyć

wholegrain - pełnoziarnisty
dairy products - nabiał
substitute for - zastępować czymś
overrated - przereklamowany
legumes - rośliny strączkowe
opt for - wybierać
lean meat - chude mięso
rapeseed oil - olej rzepakowy
By the way, what are you going to bake for Christmas? Cheesecake? Poppyseed cake? Well, when Christmas comes, you can't eliminate the tradition. Enjoy the baking time :-)
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Christmas is coming and we have been able to feel it in the air, on TV and the radio and of course in shopping malls for a few weeks. My friends, relatives and neighbours have been talking about the household chores that need to be done before Christmas, like cleaning the windows and giving the house a thorough cleaning. OMG!, I thought. As a mother hen, I experience the daily grind with two beloved men - my son and my husband. When I hear someone talking about "a thorough cleaning," I try to change the subject as fast as possible and walk away towards much safer topics. Then I feel a little guily that again I won't manage to polish my house to a shine. Fortunately, I get over it quickly.

What are your household chores?

change the sheets - zmieniać pościel
clean the windows - myć okna
do household chores - wykonywać prace domowe
do the washing / laundry - robić pranie
collect the children from school - odebrać dzieci ze szkoły
load / empty the dishwasher - ładować / rozładowywać zmywarkę

make the bed - ścielić łóżko
mop the floor - myć podłogę
put the rubbish out - wynieść śmieci
put the washing out / hang out the washing - wywiesić pranie
water the plants - podlewać kwiaty

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"Only in photographs would your kin look nice", as they say. I believe there is a germ of truth in this saying and that is why I'd like to revise with you some phrases connected with family conflicts and problems. Off we go...

argue / quarrel / fight - kłócić się
They have completely different characters and often fight with each other.

be grounded - mieć szlaban
Tom came home after midnight last Saturday and was grounded for a week.

be strict with sb - być surowym wobec kogoś
Anna's parents are very strict with her when it comes to school.

cheat on sb - zdradzić kogoś
Tom cheated on his girlfriend so she left him.

have an argument / a fight / a row - pokłócić się
She is bad-tempered and often has arguments with everybody.

lose one's temper - stracić panowanie nad sobą
Teachers shouldn't lose their temper during classes.

love-hate / stormy relationship - burzliwy związek
Mark and Julie have broken up and made up again for months - they have a real love-hate relationship.

run away from home- uciec z domu
Teenagers often run away from home when they want to seek their parents' attention. 

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sobota, 18 listopada 2017


As soon as I got there, I realised something was wrong. They were all silent and I could feel tension in the air. Mark was leaning back against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. Andy was sitting at the table and tapping his fingers. Alicia was standing with her feet apart and hands on her hips. She was frowning. Anna had her elbows on the table with her face hidden in her hands. Tom was shaking his head in disagreement. Tina turned to me and winked. I raised my eyebrows while Tom shrugged his shoulders and pursed his lips. "What's going on here?" I asked. Mark banged his fist on the table - "Where have you been?" he asked. "I've got a bad feeling about this" I thought and started to tremble...

lean back opierać się
fold your arms (across your chest) - skrzyżować ramiona (na piersi) 
tap your fingers (on a table) - bębnić palcami (w stół)
stand with your feet apart - stać na szeroko rozstawionych nogach
hands on hips - ręce na biodrach
frown - zmarszczyć brwi
have your elbows on the table - opierać się łokciami o stół
hide your face in your hands - ukryć twarz w dłoniach

shake your head - potrząsnąć głową
turn to sb - odwrócić się do kogoś
wink - mrugnąć
raise your eyebrows - unieść brwi (ze zdumienia)
shrug your shoulders - wzruszyć ramionami
purse your lips - zacisnąć usta
bang your fist - uderzyć pięścią
tremble - drżeć 

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wtorek, 14 listopada 2017


Life is full of colours. We can see it clearly now, in autumn, when leaves change colours. For some people it is a depressing and infectious season, but for others - the most beautiful and amazing season of the year. It's all up to you what you choose!

I'm not as green as you think I am - nie jestem tak naiwny, jak myslisz

have green fingers (GB) / have a green thumb (US) - mieć dobrą ręke do roślin 
Unfortunately, I don't have green fingers - most of my plants die.

be in the red - być na minusie, mieć saldo debetowe na koncie
My friend is a shopaholic and is often in the red.

be caught red-handed - zostać przyłapanym na gorącym uczynku
He denied stealing the money even if he was caught red-handed.

have the blues - mieć chandrę
I often have the blues because of such gloomy weather.

once in the blue moon - niezmiernie rzadko
She is my favourite relative but she visits us once in the blue moon.

be in the pink - tryskać zdrowiem, być w doskonalej formie
Although he doesn't do any sports and eat junk food, he is in the pink.

swear black was white - upierać się przy swoim wbrew rozsądkowi
Everybody knew he wasn't right but he kept swearing black was white.

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sobota, 4 listopada 2017

Stressed, depressed but well-dressed

Hmm, are you stressed and depressed when you look at your salary slip every month? You probably have the feeling that even if you are highly skilled, committed, pull your weight and meet deadlines, it seems the boss doesn't review your performance positively so you can forget about a bonus. If there is nothing to lose, you can always pull a few strings (provided you have any), think on your feet and do freelance work or set up a company. The advantages seem to abound: you have flexible working hours, you work from home and the most important - job satisfaction. Whatever your job is, don't forget about a reasonable work-life balance.

a salary slip - pasek wynagrodzenia
be highly skilled - o wysokich umiejętnościach
be committed - zaangażowany, oddany
pull your weight - przyłożyć się
meet deadlines - dotrzymywać terminów

review sb's performance - ocenić wyniki czyjejś pracy
bonus - premia
pull a few strings - wykorzystać nieformalne kontakty (żeby coś załatwić)
think on your feet - podejmować szybkie decyzje
do freelance work - pracować jako wolny strzelec

set up a company - założyć firmę
flexible working hours - elastyczne godziny pracy
work from home - pracować zdalnie (z domu)
job satisfaction - zadowolenie z pracy
work-life balance - równowaga między życiem prywatnym a zawodowym

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środa, 25 października 2017

It's a piece of cake

fall behind - mieć zaległości
I'm really stressed out when I fall behind with my work.

catch up on - nadrabiać (zaległości)
She has been ill and has to catch up on school work.

get down to work - zabierać się do pracy 
He sometimes finds it difficult to get down to work.

take in (information) - przyswajać (informacje)
It's sometimes difficult for students to take in infrmation in a lesson.

feel out of your depth - całkowicie się pogubić
Tom felt totally out of his depth in Maths and couldn't undestand the topic.

a piece of cake - łatwizna
This exam was a piece of cake.

burn the midnight oil - pracować do późna w nocy
Anna is a night owl and often burns the midnight oil.

know something inside out - znać coś na wylot
He is an expert and knows this subject inside out.

pass (an exam) with flying colours - zdać (egzamin) śpiewająco
It was the most difficult exam but she passed it with flying colours.
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